Meet the Divas

Jackie D.

Hello!  My  name’s Jackie.  I’m a 25 year old wife and mom to an adorable 8 month old little boy.  My sister, Kristen (the other Diva) and I are best friends, and when we are together, we act like total divas. We drink Starbucks, get mani/pedis and shop whenever we are together, which is few and far between since I am in Michigan and she is in Massachusetts!

I’ll be bringing my new couponing ventures in the Detroit area to the blog, as well as my trials and tribulations as a stay at home momma!

Kristen L.

Hi! My name’s Kristen and, as Jackie mentioned, we are sisters, best friends and total divas! While Jackie lives in Michigan with my handsome little nephew, I live in Massachusetts and am continuously searching for easy ways to live healthier and more affordably.  I love being active and am an avid baker – I’ll make food for just about anyone or any occasion!

I’ll be bringing all of my tips, tricks, and couponing strategies for saving money, exercising and eating healthy in Boston!


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