Free Got2b Hair Products at Walgreens until Sunday!

16 Feb

Walgreens currently has Got2b hair products on sale buy one for $5.99 get one free. Paired with (2) $3 off one full size Got2b product coupon found in Red Plum 2/12 and it makes it FREE!

I got four products (2 glossy anti-frizz shine serum and 2 rockin’ it encore fresh dry shampoo) and had to throw in 2 caramels at $.33 a piece (with all of the coupon deductions, it wouldn’t let the last coupon go through because of taxes so I had to get 2 caramels). Grand total? $.76!

Dry shampoo is amazing for those days when I straighten my hair and want it to last longer than a day, when I accidentally use too much product in my hair and it looks greasy, or when I do a light work out and don’t have time to shower so I was pumped when I saw that I could get some for free with this deal! I also read about how your hair can freeze if you go out in the cold with wet hair, which can lead to breakage and frizz and a remedy (besides blow drying!) was to work some serum through you hair and tuck it under a hat before you go out. I’ve been trying this out over the past few weeks and it’s worked wonders! I no longer need hairspray and my hair feels so soft – another score!

If you have these coupons, run on over to Walgreens before this awesome sale expires! And don’t forget, if they’re all out get a rain check 🙂

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