Greek Yogurt, Anyone?

8 Feb

Greek yogurt is a great way to get some extra protein in you diet, not to mention it is absolutely delicious and gives you some extra calcium and vitamin D too! Now, I’m normally a Chobani girl but when it’s not on sale 10/$10 I just can’t justify paying the $1.39 per cup for it so I’ve been exploring other brands of Greek yogurt that have come on the market. Brown Cow is so creamy and not as tart as Chobani, but again – same cost problem. Yoplait recently came out with a few different lines of Greek yogurt, and not only are they frequently on sale but Yoplait puts out a lot of coupons too! This past weekend at Shaw’s, they had Yoplait YoCrunch Greek Yogurt Parfaits BOGO (normally $1.39 a piece). I also had a coupon for $.55 off two, which my store would double to $1.10 off so this made for a great deal of 2 yogurts for $.29! They also have coupons on their facebook page too if you “like” them but they weren’t as good of a deal as the one I found in the paper. I grabbed the strawberry and peach ones and decided I’d try them this week in my lunches.

Oh my goodness am I glad I did, they were phenomenal! The strawberry one tasted like any other strawberry yogurt but was still delicious. The peach, however, was out. of. this. world. I normally don’t like fruit at the bottom of my yogurt but it was outstanding! With 11 grams of protein per cup and 20 grams of sugar (mostly in the granola on top) this is a great addition to a meal to give it a bit more heft. I’ve also tried the non-parfait Yoplait Greek yogurts and they too are delicious, healthy and are only $.99 a cup!

The flavored kinds are great to eat all on their own, but I also buy the plain flavor as well and use it as a healthier substitute for sour cream in many of my recipes. Can’t tell the difference in taste at all, but I’ll tell you one thing – it keeps you full a lot longer!



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