Fast, easy and cheap way to make beans!

7 Feb

One of the best ways to save money while eating a healthy diet is to buy dry beans and cook them yourself. One pound of dried beans makes about 6 cups cooked, so if a can of beans is $0.79 and contains 1.75 cups on average, and a pound of beans costs $1.09 and can make 6 cups cooked, to get an equivalent amount of canned beans it’s cost you almost $2.70!

I used to make them by the rinsing/soaking method, which took forever and a day. But, I recently discovered a new way of cooking them while perusing the internet and decided to test it out. Basically, 1 pound of rinsed and sorted dried beans + 8 cups of water. Stick it in a crock pot and let it cook on high for 4 hours and that’s it! Drain the beans and they’re ready to go. I drained mine and then put them in 1 cup serving sizes in the freezer for a quick lunch or dinner piece. Such a time saver!

Even better than black beans, I made some garbanzo beans. You know what that means…HUMMUS! I made my trusty hummus recipe, but was craving something with a little more zip. I was poking around in the fridge trying to find something I could throw in there, and I found tobasco pickles. Yes, it is odd. Yes, it tasted delicious! With only a slightly greenish tinge, it tasted just like regular hummus with the loveliest little kick of tanginess. Delicious! I also froze a bunch of chick peas too for a hummus crisis… it’s just too easy!




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