And we’re walking!

6 Feb

Mason started walking yesterday!!!!  He took 9 steps yesterday and walked right to me.  I got it on video and my husband was right there to share it with me.

It made me teary to think of all the milestones he has hit.  Just yesterday alone he wowed me with his abilities – he climbed up into his rocker and out of it, into and out of a laundry basket, and walked from the couch to the baby gate.  I can’t believe he is going to be 1 NEXT MONTH.

Cloth diapering is still going great – still with the disposables at night though.  His butt is just too large with the number of inserts we need for nighttime.

He also said DAD the other day.  Not dada – DAD.  We got that on video, too!

I learned that for him to walk better to leave him barefoot in the house, but his feet get pretty chilly on our hardwood.  I’m currently looking for a good gripper slipper for when it’s just too chilly – any suggestions?

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