Bouncing Back

25 Jan

Following my previous post about the travel blues, I made my way back home and was well on my way to relaxing when it hit me. Just when my bout with “mini pneumonia” was coming to an end, I was blindsided by another cold. I guess maybe it was my body’s way of forcing me to stop everything and focus on me and my health – fever, body aches, intense sinus pressure and all. So, these past three days I did just that by sleeping pretty much all day, every day, and consuming plenty of fruits, veggies and water and finally, I feel like I am bouncing back! Although my cough and raspy voice are still around, everything else has vanished and I couldn’t be happier.

Along the same lines, one of my goals for 2012 was to bounce back in another way – start doing again the things that I loved to do when I was younger  (you know, before school and working took over my life lol) As you can probably tell, one of those things is cooking and baking (which I plan on doing a bunch of this weekend – stay tuned!), but I also used to love to read (reading for school doesn’t count!), paint, sew/bead and play the piano and French Horn. I also wanted to live off the land in a log cabin with 65 kids (a kid can dream, right?!) While I am seriously praying that this one may never come to be, I am working on having a big garden this summer – that’s a nice compromise 🙂

So, while I was laying around trying to rest up I started back to sewing and beading. It was so relaxing, and so gratifying to see something you made come together so nicely! I made a little medicine pouch in probably about 2 hours. It fits in the palm of your hand and is super adorable 🙂

Front side











Back Side


I also started sticking a book in my work bag to read on the 20 minute bus ride to work. I’ve already gotten through 2 books – both of which I’d recommend (The Millionaire Next Door, and The End of Overeating. AMAZING!) Next up is to begin playing music again… I miss my horn and the piano more than I ever thought I would 😦 Has anyone ever had to abandon things that they enjoyed doing to focus on work or school, only to find yourself coming back to them years later?


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