The Joys of Traveling

21 Jan

Hello all!

I wanted to write a post to explain the lull in blog posting that’s been happening over the past few months to let you know that you weren’t intentionally forgotten!

The short of it is that I have been traveling a lot – like non-stop since the beginning of November (I’ve visited 6 states in 9 weeks…ugh). I think I’ve only been home for a total of 2-3 weeks since then! Since 99% of my travel is for business purposes, it’s been incredibly difficult to find time to write on the blog, exercise, sleep and be a normal human while also getting all of my work done (a 2 week long struggle with my asthma has also complicated things as well… breathing is kind of important!). However, today marks the last day of my travel marathon so once I return home (and regain my sanity – I am completely and utterly exhausted!) I will begin posting as normal.

One of the things that I have struggled with during my travels is finding healthy foods once I’m at my actual destination. It’s perfectly easy to pack my own food for flights as I discussed in my previous post, but during various meetings and conferences it’s been impossible to find filling, healthy food that won’t leave me hungry in an hour. For example, this past trip I’ve had 3 meetings at a restaurant that served Southern comfort-style food. Total nightmare! Can I please just get a salad with some grilled salmon on top that isn’t covered in buttermilk dressing and fried cheese?! Sigh.  It’s been an incredible struggle to even find soy milk. Soy milk! I’ve had to result to buying it for $3 a cup at Starbucks 😦 From all of this, I’ve been feeling pretty beaten down and am yearning for getting back to my little apartment and my normal routine. Has anyone else experienced the traveling blues? What do you recommend for getting past them, or preventing them all together?


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