Well, hello #9! And another milestone!

28 Dec

My son’s 9th tooth is poking through now (lower canine tooth next to his four middle ones), and for some reason, this one has been the worst for him.  For the first time ever the other night, he just cried and cried and cried until he went to bed (luckily only for about 25-30 min).  We gave him Infant Advil, cold teethers, rubbed his gums, etc, and every time he bit them, he just cried.

We had his 9 month check up last week – he’s almost 23 lbs, 28 inches long and he’s doing great!  His doctor couldn’t believe how many teeth he had.   He’s crawling and pulling himself up and cruising the furniture.  He got some vaccines and we made his 12 month (oh my god) check up.  I can’t believe my baby will be 1 soon!  I am actually going to book his birthday party room at the YMCA this Friday… craziness!  With 60 people, not everyone will fit in our house.

On the other hand, he hit another milestone Christmas Eve – he stood up by himself unassisted for about 10 seconds!  It was so cool to see – I’m guessing walking in just around the corner!!!!


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