Being Healthy While Traveling

19 Dec

Staying active and eating healthy can be a significant challenge when you’re traveling – trust me, with 11 flights in less than two weeks, I KNOW this one. So what’s a girl to do when her meals and exercise are relegated to being on airplanes, or in taxis and hotel rooms?

First, you have to plan way ahead. When planning my travels, I first always look at the hotel I am staying at and make sure that there is a fitness center there and then try to sneak in work outs either before or after meetings. When there isn’t a fitness center, then I like to bring along some exercise bands. These little bands take up next to no room in your luggage, and give you a phenomenal work out right in your hotel room! I spoke with a trainer at my gym about how to fit exercise in on business trips, and he said these were the best options and showed me some great moves I could do all while in the comfort of my hotel room – just google exercise band workouts to find some great series if  you aren’t familiar with them; I’ll try to post my own workout here soon!

When I had a layover in Forth Worth, Texas my options for breakfast were Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Taco Bell Express, and something that I think was called Cereal Creations that basically gave you cereal with candy on top. I was mortified! To avoid having to survive solely on a granola bar that you found hidden at a news stand and arriving to your destination like a ravenous animal on the verge of a hypoglycemic coma, you have to get innovative. It is essential for survival! So, what things do you normally like to eat for your meals and snacks? For me, I love having peanut butter toast for breakfast with an egg, coffee and soy milk. For lunch and dinner, I don’t have a standard that I like to eat but it’s typically pretty easy to get a big salad, or grilled fish and veggies anywhere so I don’t worry about that as much. What I do worry about are snacks – what can I bring on the 4 hour plane ride that will keep me full and make it past security and won’t get smashed and gross sitting in my bag?

I’ve found quite a few options that have worked wonders, actually! First, Justin’s Nut Butter has been a god send! They come in little tear open single serve packages, and a bunch of different flavors (maple almond butter anyone?) – at about a dollar a piece at Whole Foods, these are a super cost effective and nutritious snack to bring on any trip to put on apples, crackers, pretzels, or to just eat by itself. Second, a high protein granola bar like Luna Protein or Zone bar (I love all the flavors of the Luna Protein, except the cookie dough one which tasted a bit off somehow. The Zone bars are also all good except for any with carmel or graham in them- wayyyyy too sweet!). They don’t squish as easily as chewy granola bars, and pack more of a nutritional punch than regular granola bars which make them a perfect snack to put in your travel bag. Additionally, little baggies of carrots, almonds, whole grain crackers or pretzels, dried fruit, apples, oranges and cheese sticks (eat these first!) all travel well. I’ve also started bringing little bags of oatmeal on my flights and asking for hot water. I get looked at like “You want to drink hot water?” until they see me pour my oatmeal in and have a nice, hot, filling breakfast right there at 35,000 feet – then I get looks of envy! While these tips may be small, they will help keep you out of the bad-for-you food courts and being frisked at security. Now that’s something that can help make all of your holiday travels a little bit easier!


3 Responses to “Being Healthy While Traveling”

  1. Beth December 19, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    I also love Justin’s nut butter for traveling. The maple almond butter is my favorite! I never go anywhere with out some almond butter packets, larabars, oatmeal packets, dried fruit or trail mix. Lots of cross country flights require lots of home packed snacks. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

    • klessl December 22, 2011 at 10:03 am #

      Another like-minded traveler! I travel a LOT for work (frequently cross country flights as well!) so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I don’t know if you do this already, but you can make oatmeal packets at home for MUCH cheaper (and healthier) than any kind you can buy in the store, and you can make your own favorite flavors too! I’ll post on that shortly 🙂


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