UPDATE! I miss sleep… so the training begins….

14 Dec

Night #2 Update:  Last night went a bit easier… still lots of crying but nowhere near the hysterics of the night before.  He fell asleep the first time after about 10 minutes, and when he woke up again a couple hours later, it took him only 30 minutes to get to sleep.  Then he slept again from 11-7:50 🙂  I will post again with another update tomorrow!


Last night we started sleep training with our son.  And it was brutal.

I stumbled across the My Baby Sleep Guide blog, which helped me wonders as she helps explain The Baby Whisperer techniques.  We decided to try the P/U P/D method, and as she recommends for over 8 months old, only pick him up when he is extremely upset or standing/sitting in his crib.

Our dog traipsed upstairs at 11am and shook her collar violently at the top of the stairs, waking up Mason around 11pm (thanks, Keebler…).  My husband went in there, picked him up and laid him right back down in his crib, with a hand on his back and a “shhh”.  Mason went APE.  Chris walked out of the room, and Mason pulled himself up to the rail and started crying hard.  We waited 3 minutes, and I went back in.  Repeat.  Waited 5 minutes.  Repeat.  Waited 10 minutes.  Repeat.  And this kept going from 11-12:15am.  He was crying so hard he was shaking, his nose was all snotty from crying, he could barely catch his breath, and I wanted to quit SO BAD.  But I knew this would be better for him in the end, to make him an independent sleeper, but I was about to lose it.

The Baby Whisperer says this technique can last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour.  At 1 hour, with no sign of him calming down, we finally decided to change his diaper and give him a bottle, and he went down without much of a fight.  He slept from 1215-640 this morning.

We are going to do the same thing again tonight and hopefully he learns to put himself to sleep.  It just broke my heart to hear him screaming like that.  And what makes it worse it sounds like he says “ma” and “mom” while his crying…. ***knife in my chest***

Check back tomorrow to see how tonight goes…


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