My Solids Conundrum!

3 Dec

Every day I try to make sure Mason gets fruits, veggies, and grains.  But I was starting to freak out if I forgot to give him one or the other!

So I asked my mom and another friend if I was screwing up horribly by not remembering to give him all 3 every single day.  And they chuckled and said NO!  They said he’s obviously thriving (he’s about 23 pounds now) and I’m not messing him up for life.

I started off by making all of his baby food with the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food system (and all of its components) which is amazing!  Since then they have come out with so many more cool gadgets like a formula dispenser, water heater, etc.  But when I froze the homemade stuff and thawed it for him to eat, it would always be watery and he would eat it but it wasn’t ever the right consistency.   I still make him everything that he tries for the first time, and will never feed him meat from a baby food jar because it creeps me out, but he loves Earth’s Best Organic food, and the Gerber puffs and lil’ crunchers and yogurt melts.

It’s hard trying to remember every day to make sure he eats fruits veggies and grains but when my days are spent chasing him around the living room, making sure he’s not eating power cords or hitting his head on our jagged rock hearth (which we have covered in foam and rubber corners from Babies R’ Us but it’s still dangerous), it’s sometimes hard to get him to high chair!

I can’t believe he will be 1 in 3 months!


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