Overnight Diaper Dilemma – Prefold Time!

2 Dec

In my prior post, I was talking about my son’s overnight leaking in our cloth diapers and the drama surrounding the inserts, etc.

Well, the word on the street was to try prefolds.   What’s a prefold you ask?

Pre-folded cloth diapers, often referred to as pre-folds, are rectangular cloth diapers that are divided into three sections (left, middle, right). The left and right sections have two or more layers of fabric, while the middle section has four or more layers. While the number of fabric layers varies by brand, all pre-folds have the thickest layer in the middle, where the absorbency is needed the most. – About.com
I’ve heard to try prefolds as the insert itself or to place on top for extra absorbency.  As you know we have been using disposables (YUCK) and I am SO EXCITED to prep these and try them tonight!
He also got 2 new Blueberry Basix diapers for Christmas.  I am prepping them now by doing 2 hot wash cycles and dries to reach maximum absorbency.
I love love love getting diaper mail!
Check back tomorrow when I will post about my success (or fail) with the prefolds and wool longies combo!

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