Wool Dryer Balls on Sale through 11/27

27 Nov

I love using wool dryer balls for my diaper laundry and my regular laundry – it shaves about 25 minutes off my dry time (and I have 7 balls).  When you use these dryer balls you do not have to use fabric softener in the wash or a sheet in the dryer, and the lint is compostable!

My favorite dryer ball retailer Buddha Bunz is having their wool dryer ball Black Friday sale and it’s still running!  Only $5 for unscented and undyed balls (I use these), or $6 for undyed and scented.  I’m going to snag some more!

Click here for the link to shop!

If you choose NOT to buy any items from the Black Friday page but find something on another page, use the code ‘thankYOU’ for 10% off & FREE shipping now through 12/1!


One Response to “Wool Dryer Balls on Sale through 11/27”

  1. Heather November 29, 2011 at 9:14 am #

    I bought mine at http://www.WoolDryerBalls.com 5 years ago and LOVE THEM! The same 6 are in my dryer right now and last longer than any other I tried. Hers will not fuzz or unravel after a month use like the others out there.

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