Dry Hands? Try my frugal moisturizing gloves!

25 Nov

I purchased some Nature’s Way coconut oil on Amazon the other day as it came highly recommended from my friend who slathers her kids’ skin and hers with it when they have dry, itchy skin.  Well – my hands and cuticles are torn up from handling paper all day at work (Black Friday at Bath & Body Works – yippee lol), and plus the dry air doesn’t help.  I wanted to slather it on my hands but didn’t know how to seal it in and still be able to do stuff while my son naps.

SO… I went to my front closet, dug out a pair of cheapy gloves from Target that I bought last year, and thew ’em on after slathering the oil all over my hands!  Works like a charm and now my hands are super soft – and smell like an Almond Joy!

The gloves I bought were only $1-2, and the coconut oil shipped was $7.99.  At Bath and Body Works, our hand creams are $5 and are pretty small tubes, like 2.5 oz.  This 16 oz tub of coconut oil will last me for eternity – and I can use it for….

  • Baking
  • Conditioner in my hair
  • Dry Skin
  • Cradle Cap on babies
  • Cuticle oil



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