My Purpose

21 Nov

When I graduated from Oakland University in 2008 with my Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism, I knew I wanted to work in public relations.  But I couldn’t find a job right away in that field, anyhow.

2008 came and went, and I started paying back my student loans.  On to 2009 – I got married and I was still looking for the elusive PR job.  Tons of printed resumes (and some hopeful interviews only to hear nothing back) later, 2010 arrives and I’m still paying on my loans, but no PR job.  I start to wonder if I will ever work in public relations, and decide maybe the economy will turn around in 5 or so years, so my husband and I decide to start a family.  2011 comes and we welcome our little boy, Mason.  My role switches from actively looking for a PR job to a stay at home mom.  I’m happy I get to be home and be with my son, but I constantly wondered if I was doing the right thing by staying home.  So I found a job as an Advertising Coordinator (somewhat masked as a data entry job), and promptly realized 10 hour laters that I belonged at home with my son – that my degree will always be there.  But I still missed writing.  I’ve loved writing my whole life.

I finally found my purpose through this blog.  It allows me to express my creative side while staying home with my son (and working part-time at Bath and Body Works).  And it lets me and my sister do something together, and it melts together all the things I enjoy doing – parenting, baking, couponing, and more!

I hope you enjoy this blog as much and I have enjoyed putting it together :) Here’s to many more posts, great deals, and amazing recipes!!!



One Response to “My Purpose”

  1. Lauren November 22, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    Best of luck to you and Kristen! I am subscribed and looking forward to your posts!

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