Great Bargain on Brown Rice Pasta!

19 Nov

When I went to Shaw’s earlier in the week to get my free Near East couscous, I noticed that in the organic aisle they had Lundberg Family Farms Brown Rice Elbow Pasta on clearance for $2.20. Not bad, I thought, but I could get whole wheat for still less than half of that  (about $1 a box) so I passed it up. However, when I was parousing the coupons at MamboSprouts, I found a coupon for $.75 off a box of this exact pasta – and my grocery store doubles all coupons up to $1 (a big difference between East coast and Midwest grocery stores – maybe they try to make up for the insane prices we have to pay?) so that meant I could get $1.50 off a box! I stopped by Shaw’s on my way home from the gym this morning and grabbed two boxes for a grand total of $1.39. I’m so excited to try it out and will post a review (and a recipe!) just as soon as I do. In the mean time, print out those coupons and go get some – and if you’re gluten intolerant, you’re in luck because they are gluten free, too!


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