Why we chose cloth diapers

18 Nov

What do you do with the poop?!

That was the biggest concern both myself and my husband had when we first heard about cloth diapers.  Well, we learned you can put the poop into the washer (for exclusively breast fed babies not introduced to solids yet) or you have to dump it out/spray it off for formula fed babies or babies who have started solids.

This is how we learned about them. One of my friends exclusively cloth diapers her babies, and was teaching me all about them before I even got pregnant.  She was explaining to me about all the cost savings, how cute they were, how easy they were to wash, etc.  I decided before I got pregnant to go with cloth whenever we decided to have a baby – and come March 2011 when our son was born, we had a good stash ready to go.

My husband Chris just said to me last night, “I am so glad I ended up liking cloth diapers.  I was really worried I would hate them and they’d be a pain to wash, and I HATE disposables.”  That made me so happy!  We use disposables at night because our son leaks (see my post about this), but we hate them because we can smell when he pees (gross) and by the time we get them off him they are low riding and about to fall off.  Plus, his butt is so boney in them – and we love his big ole’ cloth diaper booty!  🙂

The upfront cost to start our stash was around $400.  We have one size and sized,  all in ones and pockets.  We use Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent and Econuts soap for washing.  We got the majority of our diaper stash from the Swaddlebees/Blueberry clearance section (there’s some hot deals on there that don’t last very long once they restock).  We only paid full price for maybe, 5 total (A very frugal way to cloth diaper!)

My son Mason wearing a BumGenious 3.0 All in One diaper

If you’re a stay at home mom like myself, cloth diapering is easy peezy.  It’s not for everyone, because it is time consuming to wash, dry, stuff, and spray the poop off the diapers – plus, the diaper pail REEKS (even though I use pail freshener from Rockin’ Green, it still has that nasty ammonia smell).  But the prints they have are adorable – and their bums are so huge from the cloth, hehe.

Another big reason to go cloth (other than the cuteness) – is the cost savings!   Right now, Pampers Swaddlers, Size 2 Economy Box (204 count) on Amazon costs $45.99 – so, $0.23 a diaper.  Mason, on average, goes through about 7 diapers a day now (when he was a newborn, almost 12).   So, when he was a newborn, we would have had to buy another box 17 days later, so roughly 2 economy boxes a month – totaling $97.50 with taxes, and $1,170 A YEAR.  Now, with his 7 per day, we would be able to use 1 economy box a month, which total $551.80 a year.

By spending $400 up front on our cloth diapers, we made back what we would have spent on disposable diapers in just 4 months!  🙂



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