On the Move!

17 Nov

You know how there’s always that one crazy person running down the street chasing the bus with their coat unzipped and wet hair desperately clutching a giant bag bursting with all sorts of stuff and a coffee in one hand and their keys and cell phone in the other? Oh yes, I know that person. That was me this morning.

I went to one of my favorite classes, Sports Conditioning, this morning before work and got a great workout – I left feeling like this trainer was more like a trained body assailant than an athletic trainer! He had subbed for another class I had taken before, and I was so worn out after it I drank 3 bottles of water and slept for 4 hours so I knew when I walked in this morning and saw that he was subbing for our usual trainer that it was going to be a challenge. By the end of the class, I was drenched in sweat and my muscles were on fire but I felt totally invigorated – what a great way to start the day!

On the way home though, I remembered that I had a meeting as soon as I got in to work so I needed to get in a little early to prep for it – which meant catching the bus that left in exactly a half hour. I raced around getting ready to leave, only to realize that I hadn’t had my breakfast or coffee yet and it was supposed to rain tonight. I grabbed my umbrella and my lunch, crammed it into my work bag, quickly blended the smoothie I had prepped the night before, poured my coffee in a thermos and headed for the bus. Thankfully, I managed to safely Frogger it across the street a full half block ahead of the bus and got on, only to be met with strange looks. See, post-grueling work out I like making something called a Green Monster which is a delicious smoothie from Oh She Glows (she also has all sorts of variations on it which are equally delicious! Pumpkin gingerbread smoothie, anyone?) It helps me to refuel and is packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, and as you can gather from the title – it’s green. And not just any green – bright green. Additionally, I didn’t have time to make celery with peanut butter so I just chopped some celery and threw it into the almost empty peanut butter jar I had. So, not only was I carrying some bright green liquidy thing in a cup but I was also carrying a giant (seemingly empty) jar of peanut butter with some green stuff in it. No wonder I looked extra crazy to the people on the bus this morning. That’s ok, though – I was happy!

It can be so hard to eat healthy and exercise when you are constantly on the move (as Jackie and I always are) so sometimes you have to improvise and throw some celery in a peanut butter jar to avoid having to buy a snack somewhere else (also saving money!).  Even spending a few minutes prepping the night before can do wonders not only for getting out the door on time, but for your health and budget – even if you do end up looking a little crazy 😛


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