The Joys of Teething

16 Nov

My poor little boy has some serious teething going on – he’s on his 7th tooth in 2 months!  I’ve never seen so much drool, inability to fall asleep, or heard so much yelling and carrying on.  I’ve given him a myriad of things – I just wish he’d get better!

Here are some things I have done to help him with his teething pain:

Baltic Amber teething necklaces, sold at Modern Natural Baby in Ferndale, Mich.

It’s an all natural way to relieve teething pain, consisting of fossilized resin.  It’s also light to wear and warm to the touch. The healing properties are absorbed through the skin through the warmth of the resin, and has long been used in Europe for it’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. I got him one and it seems to help when he wears it for extended periods of time.

Gum Massage

The infant oral care kit I received at my baby shower had a fingertip gum massager in it, which has helped him wonders.  I massage his gums for 30 seconds or so and he seems to enjoy it and not fuss as much.


Yes, I have turned to the old stand by of Orajel.  It tastes awful though so I only use it when he is really in pain.  I rub a bit onto my thumb and forefinger and massage his gums with it.  The next time I am going to buy is the All Natural Orajel that they sell.  There’s even $1 off coupon on this!  Click here to check out how to get the coupon!


When teething pain is preventing him from sleeping, I bust out the Tylenol.  We’ve had a couple sleepless nights due to teething so we use this at nighttime, when his teething pain seems to be at its worst.

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