Super Savings at Shaw’s!

16 Nov

For a typical dinner, we always have three components: meat/protein source (I tend to stay away from meat while my boyfriend is a super carnivore), carbohydrate and vegetables so as you can imagine, our grocery bills can be quite hefty so I’m always on the look out for deals on these items, especially the boxed pasta and frozen vegetables because they can be stored for so long.

As I walked in to Shaw’s this past weekend, I saw their Shaw’s savings booklet on display so I grabbed one to see what coupons it had. As luck would have it, there was $1 off any one Near East couscous product so I went over to see how much they were and they were on sale – 10 for $10! This meant that I could get them for FREE! I went and grabbed 7 more of the booklets for 7 more coupons and grabbed 8 boxes of couscous. Then, Shaw’s has this fabulous area where they put reduced bakery items to sell quickly and I found an 8 pack of multigrain sandwich thins reduced to $0.89! I grabbed two of these and headed to the check out for a grand total of $1.78. I got enough boxes of couscous to last us at least a week for dinner, and enough sandwich thins to last me two weeks! We go through at least a loaf of bread a week, so we try to stock up on bread and freeze it when we find it reduced. We already had 2 loaves in the freezer and almost a full one in the fridge so I only grabbed two packages of the thins (one of which I’ll freeze for next week). If there’s more this weekend, I’ll pick some up then too to keep my stockpile up! When you’re a healthy eater, make most things homemade and you live in a city freezing and food storage strategies are essential – more on that in another post!


2 Responses to “Super Savings at Shaw’s!”


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