My Overnight Diaper Dilemma

16 Nov

My cutie patootie rocking his new wool longies

My son must pee from the moment he is laid down in his crib to the moment he wakes up in the morning.  At least that’s what I think he does.

We have double stuffed, triple stuffed, and bought inserts of many varieties, including hemp and bamboo, to try and prevent our son from waking up in the morning with his tummy soaked in pee (he is a tummy sleeper).  In a desperate attempt for our teething son to get a good night’s rest, we switched to disposables at night, which seemed to have done the trick.

However, before we made the switch, I ordered a custom pair of wool longies off of ebay to try, after I read about all of its amazing properties, such as it’s breathable, it converts urine to salt water, which is then evaporated, requiring only washing and lanolizing every 3-4 weeks, it allows the skin to breathe, preventing rashes, and the best part?  The wool will distribute the moisture through out the entire cover and not stay in one specific spot!

I tried the wool pants for the first time the other night.  My combination was a Just Simply Baby one size pocket diaper with 2 large BabyKicks Joey Bunz premium inserts.  I hoped this would work….

….and it did!  He didn’t wake up at all, but the woolies were a bit damp in the morning.  I still haven’t found the “magic” insert combination for night time.  I have even used a Thirsties fab doubler, doubled in the front of his diaper with 2 other inserts and he still leaked (before the wool pants).  I tried 2 of the Thirsties inserts overnight too and he leaked.  I have read though that overstuffing the pocket diapers can cause leaking because the pockets aren’t meant to have so many inserts in them and can cause leaks at the seams.  Emily at Modern Natural Baby in Ferndale recommended I get a Sustainablebabyish fitted with wool pants, and that’s my next step if I can’t find the magic combo with the inserts I have already purchased!

PHEW.  Needless to say, tonight he’s in a disposable… and I hate that I have to use them!  I don’t like how they smell and sag… but it’s the only thing that works for us overnight so far.

Stay tuned for updates!


3 Responses to “My Overnight Diaper Dilemma”

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